Monday, 14 February 2011

Miss you mom

Today, which is Valentine's Day, I've been thinking of my mother and missing her a lot. She seemed so lost in life. She had no ambitions, few friends, and no social life. So to her, her five kids were everything. She didn't drive, so once we got old enough to take her places, she had more freedom.  But she liked doing simple things the best like going for ice cream cones at Thrifty's, visiting thrift stores, browsing through garage sales, and going out to the Desert Nursery in Sunnymead, which no longer exists. You'd think I'd be thinking of my boyfriend on Valentine's Day but I guess it's a lost cause there because he's not really into holidays and traditional ways of celebrating. Rather than investing my emotions in it, I'd rather just do something for his mother today.  There is a disconnect going on there somewhere, as there is in much of my life.

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