Saturday, 8 January 2011

Friends From High School

Here is a list of the people from the past that I think about a lot and have no idea what became of them:

1. Cindy Schilling, Moreno Valley High School, graduated about 1976
2. Barbara Crawford Moreno Valley High School, graduated about 1976
I knew she got married and I read in the paper she lost her 2 kids in a home fire.  But I tried to reach her and never did. She lived up the street from me in Sunnymead CA (which is now Moreno Valley).
 She has a sister named Robin, mother Nancy, father Paul.
3. Steve Webber  He didn't go to the same high school as me. He lived in Chino, CA and Azusa and worked for the carnival. I believe his sister was raising him but I don't remember her name. He was in the Order of Demolay. He joined the service and I lost touch with him.

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